Moleculer Go is an open source MIT licensed project. It is free to use for your personal and commercial projects. However, developing it takes up all my free time to make it better and better on a daily basis. If you like Moleculer Go framework, please support my efforts.

Once you decide to support me, please:

  • TBD

Other ways to support me:

  • make additional modules & services to Moleculer. I have a wishlist.
  • help with documentation. Fix typos, fill missing sections or add better examples.
  • promote Moleculer Go framework. Write Medium articles or blog posts about why Moleculer Go is an excellent microservices framework. Share your positive experience with potential users to make Moleculer community more vivid.

Be an atom to build the Molecule stronger!

Thank you in advance!


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [How to contribute]