The actions are the callable/public methods of the service.
Actions follow the RPC pattern. It has request parameters & returns response, like a HTTP request.

If you have multiple instances of the same services, the broker will load balancing the request among instances. Read more about balancing.

Action balancing diagram

Call services

To call a service, use the broker.Call() method or context.Call() method. The broker looks for the service (and a node) which has the given action and call it.


res := broker.Call(actionName, params)

The actionName is a dot-separated string. The first part of it is the service name, while the second part of it represents the action name. So if you have a posts service with a create action, you can call it as posts.create.

The params is an interface{} that might be serialized in case of remote calls. The params are wrapped in a moleculer.Payload which is passed to the action as a part of the Context and as the params argument. A service actions can access it via ctx.Payload() or directly in the params argument.


Call without params

list := <-broker.Call("user.list", payload.Empty())
fmt.Println("User list: ", list)

Call with params

user := <-broker.Call("user.get", map[string]int{"id": 3})
fmt.Println("User: ", user)

Call with error handling

res := <-broker.Call("posts.update", map[string]int{"id": 2, "name": nil})
if res.IsError() {
fmt.Println("Unable to update Post!", res.Error())
} else {
fmt.Println("Post updated!")


When you call an action, the broker creates a moleculer.Context instance which contains all request information and passes it to the action handler as a single argument.

Available methods of Context:

Name Description
MCall(...) Perform multiple calls, label/name each call so the results of each call can be matched to its label/name
Call(...) Perform a single call
Emit(...) Emit an event to a single listener
Broadcast(...) Broadcast an event to all listeners
Logger() Access to the broker logger. The logger contain contextual information, like which nodeID, service name, action name and etc to enhance the logs.